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engine overhaul


If there is a weak link with the mighty mite, it's probably the engine....and the (advanced for the time) chromed coated cylinders....50+ years later and poor storage can often cause cylinder failure that leads to expensive problems if ignored.

This engine was built with recoated nikasil cylinders (replaces the chrome coating).  This is probably the best solution for the orginal mites that have or are suspected will loose their chrome coatings.  It's is not inexpensive, but it's cheaper that replacing or rebuilding your crankshaft and other expensive parts.

These engines are not hard to work on, but like building most engines, time and patience are your friend. That, and the fact that it's air cooled, and a different design means different rules apply.  The engine is alumium and lightweight,  translation:.....take it easy and don't overtorque things. READ the ENGINE MANUAL  , (Pay Attention to the "Changes" in engine book.... ask for help from Mighty Mite Enthusiasts and you'll be fine.... it ain't rocket science :)

Teardown: This is your chance to get a good look at what was going on with your engine....look for signs of wear, leaking, cracks, blockages etc.

Take lots of pictures and mark/tag things for reassembly as needed.

This engine had a little over 7000 original miles, but had ingested a screw, and had chrome chipped off the inside of one cylinder, otherwise it was in great shape... but a little dirty.