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Mighty Mite PARTS

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                                                                                                              Made in USA!!

                                                                            Availability is limited on all parts, these will not be made forever.

                  All of these parts are custom made for the MM.


  CV Joint removal tool  This is the same tool as in the service bulletin! Never before offered! Newly machined and plated. You can remove, service and replace CV joints without removing the hub assy!  much easier!!  $65.00 very limited quantity.  A must have for the MM enthusiast.





 NEW Top Quality CV, Accel, and Transfer boots, Made on the original MOLDS!! Contact Paul  for your boot needs.

              CV Boots $60/set....                                  Accelerator Boots   $12.50/ea                                   Transfer Boots  $18.50/ea


  PLEASE NOTE: these are custom made parts for a very low production vehicle, as such that affects the ability to offer bargain pricing, however we do the best we can.  Additionally being low production run, we cannot guarantee availability of parts in the future.  This is also a part time business, so please be patient with us.

New OEM replacement Front Bumper Kit $425    Contact Rob

The MM bumper is almost always bent, some worse than others.... Now there is a solution.....Includes all parts except shackles to replace your torn, damaged, or bent bumper.....all to OEM specifications.  Just like original.



 New Tail Light Grommets....

impossible to find and never before offered, these are urethane

reproductions of the OEM, complete with part number

$70/ set 



New Replacement  Oil Lines $75/set  These are new oil lines for mite. Same size length and connection as the OEM.  Quality line made to ensure the full flow of oil from oil cooler/engine/filter unlike Other MV's the MM oil filter is full flow....not bypass.



Battery hold down "J" hooks $12 ea, or 3x for $30

 OEM replacement part, plated and ready to bolt on.



Specialty gaskets for the MM : 

 carb bowl gaskets / fuel gaskets / oil cooler / draft pads


Steering Box Gaskets $20/for 2x pcs

New made, CNC cut, for a leak free fit....

this is not a good application for RTV

 use the right thickness gasket, with proper material and be leak free.

Special Torque Tube Gasket Set

$20.00 CNC cut to correct thickness (very important)

Mighty Mite Footman Loops: $10.00 ea  laser cut parts

Weld on Exhaust Flanges  $10.00 ea  laser cut parts

Decal Sets.....

these were often found on M422a1's   $22/set of 5 decals

OEM "Original" decals shown on right photo




Coming Soon:  M422a1 Data Plates,  Very High Quality. 


Spring loaded Web straps... $10.00 ea Perfect length for the MM bows.


Mighty Might Mugs

22 ea/ choose style