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and i'll get back with you.  Please be patient......Thank You.                


 Please note: Availability and Pricing are subject to change, i have a limited suppy of parts.    USED Parts available....   Thanks!  





 Engine Gaskets....this is the full engine gasket set.... Set includes everything you need for a complete overhaul, or routine maintenance.  $110/set 

Temp Sender Guard (mounts on oil pan) $25 Limited supply. 


02 Clutch  N/A


03 Fuel  N/A


04 Exhaust  N/A

 Exhaust Elbows.....

05 Cooling 

Shutter assy. $85 ready to install,


06 Electrical

 Main Body Wire Harness

07 Transmission : N/A


08 Transfer:N/A


09 Propeller Shaft: N/A


10 Front Axle: N/A


11 Rear Axle: N/A


12 Brakes 

 M422 or A1 Master Cylinder, $100. 



13 Suspension


14 Controls

Bell Crank

Bell Crank Pivot 




15 Frame and Brackets


16 Spring and Shock absorber


17 Hoods and Fenders

Shutter Screen Assy $60,

18 Body


21 Bumpers and Guards: new bumper assembly


Bumper assy