M422 & M422a1 Mighty Mites for sale...

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1/1/2023  1961 AMC Mighty Mite M422a1

Ground-up, well-sorted build for desert exploring. Driven with respect for the 1/4 ton independent suspension driveline, this has proven capable on the mining roads of Nevada. 2,500 miles since build was completed in 2016. California-title with current '23 tags. Cruises readily at 55mph.



Built with a new VW 1.9L Turbo Diesel long block, new Bosch injector pump (modified by Giles Perf.,Canada) stock VW K14 Turbo;and a new jeep AX15 5-speed overdrive transmission with the 2" shorter Toyota R150 input shaft. Rebuilt Spicer Model 18 transfercase with 3.2:1 Tera-Low gearing.  Utilizes Acme & Novak adapters.  SPAL brushless variable-speed fan & custom aluminum double-pass radiator.

Toyota clutch assembly:  22RE-Turbo bell housing, pressure plate/disc & hydraulic clutch.  

Front & rear differentials fully rebuilt with new:  bearings/races, stub axles, yokes & Power-Lok clutch packs.   Larger diameter Spicer rear-halfshaft assemblies.  

Body & chassis

 Leaf springs converted to coilover Fox units.  215x85-16 Firestone Destination MT tires.  2 spare rims & tires.  Toyota 2WD truck power steering box, disc brake conversion with Wilwood rotors/calipers & GM hydroboost.   Powder coated frame/suspension arms/roll cage & bracing/rims etc.  Easy-to-clean SEM 2-part urethane bedliner inside & undersides.   12 volt system, dual AGM batteries w/marine combiner, Sealed fuse box, LED head & tail lights.

 Reproduction Mite canvas winter top with side curtains & doors.   Custom stainless fuel tank.   Includes a plethora of spares.  Well-equipped hauler trailer potentially available.  

 $25K.  Located in El Dorado Hills, California (Sacramento region) - ms6peters@yahoo.com    916-597-0951





11/7/19 1961 AMC Mighty Mite M422a1  Serial Number 1354 Located in Idaho, USA

Shipping available anywhere for additional cost

This is one of the first M422a1 Mighty Mites... very early serial number, just after the 422 series.

Nice original Mighty Mite Project... most every hard to find part is there.  Complete non molested mites are getting hard to find.  The advantage of buying an unrestored mighty mite is that you have a chance to do a good job on the vehicle.  Unfortunately all too many mighty mites were restored by "amateur restorers" who really shouldn't be doing it...the end result if often a poorly repaired vehicle that ends up untimately being worth less than what it could attain.. Getting running, painting and flipping a vehicle is not restoring a vehicle....and unfortunately it shows, especially to the next owner, but often after the purchase.  Sometimes these vehicles are so poorly "restored" that it isn't economically viable or practical  to fix them correctly. All too often this has happended in the Mighty Mite world.  (see link)

13,xxx original miles. Original unit markings and hood number found. A lot of original parts including the 1960's tires! former fish and game unit has never had a civilian owner.

New Front Bumper....90% of so of the mites out there have mangled front bumpers,  and if replaced they are usually done with a poor substitute. This one is OEM correct and brand new.

Also has NOS tailgate, NOS top bows and the correct hard to find seat backs, correct fire extinguisher and mount....

Will need full restoration, has been sitting for years. but is a very good candidate... You will have something very unique when you are done.

Comes with a NOS top , (really just a pattern, since it is so old)  and a few NOS parts, master cylinder,  NOS engine gasket kit, New rear tail light rubbers and a few other bits.

With a little work, this could really be a nice mighty mite. $6500 FOB Boise, Idaho  Complete with Idaho Title.  CONTACT






11/1/18 1961 AMC Mighty Mite M422A1 Located in MN.
Shipping available anywhere for additional cost.
Everything on this machine is 100% operational including the horn, wipers, lighting and the important oil
temperature and oil pressure warning lights. You will be hard pressed to find a Mighty Mite that has had this
amount of comprehensive service done to it at a comparable price.  $16,500 FOB MN








12/5/17 1961 M422a1 serial # 1741 Great start at a reasonable price, moslty complete, engine all there and turns smoothly with clean oil on the dipstick. Transmisison shifts smoothly. All original Mite wheels, rear seats. Has both toolboxes behind drivers seat, complete battery box, and spare wheel  $5,000  FOB Mississippi


9/1/17 Nice Barn find project Mite Very orginal.  Original USMC markings and decals $6500

Been stitting for years, will need full restoration.




  8/30/17  Very nice M422a1 SN: 1774  $15,000  SOLD!

If you are looking for a nicely restored mite, this may be it. Restored a few years ago by Off Road Floater...has not been driven much since. Also comes with a New Top and NOS top bows.  Located in Tucson, AZ.





Nice Running M422a1 (with extra crated rebuilt engine!)  $7,500  SOLD!

        In same family for a long time. mostly origninal.

                 Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana  USA





Very nice M422a1   $13,000, or $15,000 with lots of extra  parts........located in Arkansas.  SOLD!






  Nice M422a1 Mite, SN 1711 also comes with extra parts!  Located Calhoun, GA.  $15,000  SOLD!



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