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Tips & Tricks/ Do's and Dont's

This is not an old willys jeep.... It's avery different vehicle, so different rules apply.

Don't just try to start up a Mighty Mite that has been sitting dormant or outside in the weather for years....you may be sorry and do a lot of EXPENSIVE damage.



Not too bad, here's what it looks like




At least-Check to make sure it is spinning freely and the cylinders are chrome chip free....

-Get a quality torque wrench,

Torque the front hub bolts correctly !  See link

Don't jack up the mite by the differentials!  Especially the front, you will tear the motor mounts!

-Read and follow the engine TORQUE specs.... get the manuals with "changes" for free HERE

                 These are AIR COOLED...don't paint the engine block, and keep the oil cooler and shrouds clean! 

 Othewise it'll run HOT....TOO HOT!!



The body is thin aluminum.......sandblasting not advisable

Buy a aircraft style rivet gun and do it right...

If you need to weld, make it tig welding... a spool gun is for thicker aluminum